Creating long-term value

Our sincere passion.

Scott & Co has moved well beyond P.R. communications and good intentions. In fact, our commitment that every employee and department is accountable to sustainability is so sincere, we have enshrined it into one of core corporate values.

We adopted a step-by-step strategy focus on targeted areas by implementing UN sustainable goals to run our projects which include:

• Zero Hunger
• Renewable Energy
• Responsible Consumption and Production
• Reduced Inequalities

Zero Hunger

Since March 2020, along with the NGO Foodwise, we overhauled and streamline our processes to implement a Food Waste strategy aiming to significantly reduce food wastage in our warehouse.

– We created a dedicated team to check and clean all products that can be donated.
– We implemented new processes to track all possible food wastage both for near expiry and damaged products.
– We dedicated a special area for food donation.

Since implementation, we have saved more than 20 tons of food, representing 82,000 meals through 69 NGOs.

Renewable Energy

Reduction of our energy consumption is a competitive strategy and in order to achieve this, we implemented the following strategies:
• Tree planting, to reduce the heat in our warehouses
• Employee awareness sessions on energy savings & efficiency
• No air-con policy during winter
• We are conducting feasabilty studies on new cooling roof insulations
• We are also running trials for new solar energy in our warehousing

Responsible Consumption and Production

Circular Economy
For the last 2 years, our Circular Economy strategy has been one of our core pillars to breathe new life into/optimizing materials that would have otherwise been abandoned. These include:

Plastic into electrical piping
Along with DKD Ltd, all plastic wrappings have been recycled into electrical piping. TO date, we have produced 800 meters of piping.

Wine cork keyrings
Wine corks collected through our La Maison outlets and online platforms are tuned into keyrings by local artisans. The Beautiful Local Hands project empowers underprivileged communities to grow and sustain additional incomes and encourage entrepreneurship.

Pallets into trays
Along with our partners, Ecoworx, unrepairable wooden pallets are transformed into gorgeous household trays which are sold through our online platforms.

Coffee compost.
All coffee pods and capsules are collected from our shops, hotels and restaurants throughout Mauritius. The capsules are sorted in our own recycling unit and the ground coffee is separated from the aluminium pods manually. The ground coffee is used by the NGO Imove and mixed with vegetable crops to produce a natural compost, which is then used for plantation.
The aluminium wastage is smelted and tests are currently being performed to ensure that the melted aluminum can be used locally, avoiding further imports. To date, we have collected more than 2.3 million capsules and produced 4 tonnes of compost.

Hotel recycling
We are engaging with our stakeholders by offering full process traceability recycling programs.

Reduced Inequalities

A diverse and inclusive workplace
All employees are valued and should feel safe and welcome! Diversity and inclusiveness are of utmost importance to us as it encourages sharing, engagement, trust, new perspectives and empowerment.
Our partners, Global Rainbow Foundation and the Diversity and Equal Opportunity Centre (DEOC) help us broaden our scope to reach people who were previously overlooked due to disabilities or differences. Our actions are being implemented in accordance with ISO standards.

Paper and cardboard reduction
All departments have significantly reduced their paper usage.. All employees are issued with e-cards and implementing steps to ensure that all our daily working and printer usage will become100% paperless.
We have implemented new procedures to ensure longevity and less wastage of cardboard boxes. Our online stores do not use carton boxes and our ForMe pharmacies are required to re-use their carton boxes at least 4 times. We have an onsite recycling area with 3 moloks available and we also have a compacting system that recycles all cardboard boxes used throughout our enterprise.

Social Projects
Working with the community is an essential component of our company and being able to give back and to creating synergies with the different social entrepreneurs is key. Through our CSR, Food Waste program
and our online shop fundraising program we are constantly giving back to the community.

We are a Signe Natir member and we are also part of the Circular Economy Champion Club for the glass