Supporting Sustainable Initiatives: Morivert & The Good Shop

by | Mar 15, 2023 | Scott Events | 0 comments

As a socially responsible company, Scott has always been committed to promoting sustainable practices that benefit the environment and the community.

In March 2023, we hosted a unique event to support two amazing social enterprises, The Good Shop and Morivert, and their innovative approach to recycling textile fabrics and recycling paper respectively.

The event was held at our Head Office, and we opened a full-day pop-up store exclusively for our employees to showcase the products made by these two associations.The Good Shop uses used textile fabrics to create new products, ranging from bags to home decor, while Morivert turns old newspapers into pencils, amongst others. Their activities not only promote recycling and upcycling but also provide employment opportunities for local communities.

By hosting this event, we aimed to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable practices and encourage our employees to adopt them in their daily lives. It was also a great opportunity for our employees to learn about the work of The Good Shop and Morivert and how they can contribute to reducing waste by supporting such initiatives.

This event is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, which aim to create a sustainable future by supporting social and environmental causes. We believe that businesses have a significant role to play in promoting sustainable practices and that by working together with organizations like The Good Shop and Morivert, we can make a difference.


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