Tomorrow by Scott – Our new identity for our Sustainability initiatives

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A new identity for our sustainability initiatives.

To give a new dimension to our sustainability initiatives and to have better coherence in our various sustainability programs we have launched a new logo, Tomorrow by Scott. Inspired by our employees this new identity is a reinforcement of our commitment to be a responsible company.

Matthew Taylor, CEO of Scott & CO Ltd: “RESPONSIBILITY is our main corporate value, this applies to every single aspect of our business. Today we want to move a step ahead, for tomorrow. We want together with our employees, partners, suppliers, customers, and the community at large to create this better tomorrow.”.

We have build-up our actions and strategies for over a few years now and it is time to bring this dynamic to the next level. We need to adapt our business model and be more resilient and responsible. Our logo symbolizes our ongoing efforts to integrate sustainability into every aspect of our business.

This new identity is because we care today for tomorrow because there is no future with no tomorrow. Together, let’s create a greener and more sustainable world for generations to come.


Discover our new identity with Tomorrow by Scott.


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